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What makes us special?

Absolute Explorer is unique alternative way for traveller, which is the combination of cycling and the closer touch of great experience with natural beauty, culture, and people. We only use certified English speaking Absolute Explorer tour leader which will be with the tour at all times. In addition, local guides will accompany the group, so local flavuor and the important “local connections” can get you the behind the scenes access of local life, introductions to local farmers, fisherman and other characters that make the difference between a normal holiday and a holiday that produces a memory for life.

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To view some recent trip experiences, please click here and select date to view.  In addition to viewing trip pictures, you may want to browse some of our customers comments, please click here.


Children friendly tours


All of our tours are children friendly.  We have had children as young as 7 and they have had a very enjoyable experience.  If they get tired on the tour, do not worry, we have backup transportation for them.  Click here for an example tour where we have hosted children.


8 Reasons to choose Absolute Explorer:

1 Local leader:

This is what set Absolute Explorer apart from other travel companies, and keeps people coming back to travel with us again and again. We exclusively use leaders who were born and raised in the region, so they can show you a side of their homeland that other travellers miss out on. They are highly trained, speak English and will take you beyond the superficial, ‘touristy’ side of their country and show you what makes it tick.


2 Low prices with high value:

Our trips are reasonably priced with fantastic value. All this adds up to a lot of a fun and a low price! Being with us, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free, safe, fun trip and have experiences you would never find on your own.


3 Small groups:

The average group size is about four to five people. Generally the maximum is six. Small groups offer a low-impact, safe and fun way to travel. You won’t stick out like a sore thumb, and your local leader will help immerse you in the culture.


4 ‘Real’ experiences:

If you want to get under the skin of a country, and see what makes it tick, you are with the right travel group. You’ll try the exotic food, meet the locals, get off the tourist path and enjoy authentic experiences. We will ensure that you love every minute of it!


5 Short trip with extra pleasure:

We have listened to our travellers and refined our trips so that the pace is just right. We aim to cover off the ‘must see’ places within the short period of time, so if you are doing it alone, you might end-up losing your time wondering of how and what you should see, but with us, you only need to ask, so our tour leader will do their best to fill-up your curiosities.


6 The best ways to travel:

Too fast (by car) is not good for your visiting because end of the day, you don’t learn any thing. Then again, too slow (by foot), how much can you walk and visited the place you have listed, not much. With bicycle travel gives you the balance of your visiting, not too fast and not too slow.


7 Local train adventure:

The cycling trip involves brief local train ride in order to get you to remote countryside cycling area. This in turn, allows you to see local people live along the railway slowly.


8 Travelling responsibly:

As a guest in someone else’s homeland, it’s important to do the right thing and travel responsibly. We only travel in small groups, to minimize the impact of our presence, and use local leaders who can help overcome sensitive cultural issues. By employing locals and staying in locally-owned lodgings, we ensure that your travel dollar stays in the country, supporting the local economy.


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