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We hope that you enjoy reading the reviews as much as we do!  We strive to make sure that each one of our customers has a positive experience and a lifetime of memories. 

The reviews listed below are 100% of all reviews that have been submitted; there are no edits and no suppression of negative reviews or comments.

Lots and lots and lots of bottled water—Refreshingly cool wet wipes—Freshly harvested & chopped open coconuts = a fun day!—Tastes of lemongrass, tamarind, guava, etc--Sticky rice cooked in plant leaf over fire—Awesome pink sun hat on dad.

 Nina (Madison, WI, USA.) 30/12/2008

The real Thailand does exit close to Bangkok! An absolutely excellent day out nice easy cycling, good food and an extremely knowledge guide best of all was meeting the local people, flower, fisherman and children. A super day out, well worth the money, time, and effort.

 Claire and Carolyn (UK) 6/01/08

What a beautiful planned and thoughtful trip! I enjoyed every moment and love seeing Thai agriculture, family life and all the happiness. I never felt more welcomed in a foreign country. The guides were charming and food was delicious. Best of luck!

 Jessica (USA) 12/02/08

What a fabulous time! Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Great people, great experience and even get to ride the bike. I actually felt as part of the community. I will recommend this to everyone I know that travel to Bangkok. Nice to get out of the city peace and enjoyed a peaceful day. Thanks again!

 Ryan (Australian) 23/01/08

Everything was exactly beyond expectations! You get to see the countryside with front-row tickets, wonderful, really above all the tour guides were thoughtful and kind.

 Hai, Shari, Crystal & Jason (Vietnam in USA) 05/06/08

We had a wonderful trip. We loved visiting the school. The children were all wonderful. They asked a good question. They were very polite. The school visit was my favorite part of the trip. It was very pleasure to learn about fish farm, shrimp farm. I love Thailand!

 Francis and Gail (USA) 12/02/08

Fantastic is what I’d like to say about this trip. Thanks for getting me closer to Thai daily lives. I believe that not many persons experience the same as me, especially on the first trip to Thailand. Thanks again. Will miss local here.

 Han (Vietnam) 5/04/08

Great relaxed trip with the right combination of outdoor fun and learning more about Thailand to satisfy both body and mind. Extremely helpful and informative tour guide kept the trip interesting. The day flew by.

 Suneel (Australia) 21/05/08

Thank you for tour incredible and hospitality. I have been too many countries around the world, but this was my best trip ever!

 Quinn (Texas) 17/02/08

I have really enjoyed the day. The tour guides were excellent guides and showed us many interesting things. It was very peaceful riding along looking at trees, plants, birds, insects, rice field and fish farm. Lunch was lovely and we enjoyed the freshest possible coconut. Thank you very much this is something I will always remember and will recommend it to friends.

 Magaret (Scotland) 18/03/08

After two day in smoggy Bangkok, I was ready for some fresh air –this tour exceeded my expectations! From the sweet smelling countryside to the friendliness of the local. I was excited by this part of countryside. The best part of this trip was the guides! I learned so much about Thai culture from these lovely women. I will make it a priority to tell everyone in Atlanta, GA, USA about this specially day!

 Peyten (Atlanta) 20/06/08

I feel so happy. It was so interesting to see all things in the countryside and especially the two wonderful guides made a special day for us. Thank you very much.

 Ulrike & Break (Germany) 25/03/08

Thank you to our lovely guides, also the village people and the school kids, a really lovely day. A lovely nice day out, lovely to meet the friendly people and thanks to our tour guide and local guide. I will recommend this tour to all I met

 June and Lith (UK) 02/02/08

Thanks for a great trip! The food was great, the bike was fun and the trip to the school was unique experience! Thanks so much

 Doug (USA) 12/02/08

Had a really wonderful time on the trip saw a bit of Bangkok that is peaceful a quiet. Really fun and friendly people on the way. Love the cycling, food at the village and learning about Thai agricultural methods, educational, you were a great guide Thanks

 Colin and Allison (Singapore in UK) 5/01/08

Thank you so much. This was a highlight of my visit to your beautiful country. It was informative, fun and very special privilege to be welcomed visit this community.

 Marnie (Australia) 24/01/08

Thank you Absolute Explorer for such a wonderful, well organized and varied trip. To have such a unique introduction to a different side of Thai life was a real honor and with such wonderful guides too. I will recommend Absolute Explorer to everyone who is planning a trip to Bangkok.

 Dany (Scotland) 29/07/08

Very nice ride access the community. The view of the rice fields and shrimp prawn is very beautiful. We have been very moved by the school welcome.

 Alan and Michelle & Genevieve and Philippe (France) 29/01/08

Thank you for a wonderful day. Our experience for exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed sampling the local produce along the way, dancing with the local in the temple for Songkran and our delicious lunch, our guide were very helpful a lot of fun. The best day of our Thailand trip!

 Millar family, (Australia) 11/04/08

Extraordinary day! Lots of fun! Learn a lot! Very difficult with this weather 40C! I love it and will recommend this tour. The guides were wonderful.

 Emilie and Pascal (Vancouver, Canada) 22/04/08

A wonderful end to 3 months in Thailand visiting the school and talking with villagers was just the right thing. Wonderful people in a gorgeous place. Now I will be even sadder to leave tomorrow, but since someone invited me to visit his home may be I will be back! I definitely will be back to visit this fabulous country again!

 Jacqueline (Canada) 25/02/08

We have a perfect day today. I enjoyed the company of the tour. Everybody is so nice. The scenery is beautiful and the people are so friendly. There are many things to see in this area and it’s nice to see the lifestyle. It’s really extraordinary.

 Jose (Philippines) 6/04/08

Lots of fun! Children favorite ice-cream was chocolate. Hot but worth the effort, it’s amazing to see the countryside.

 Matthew and Jan (UK) 4/01/08

Very beautiful countryside. Extremely peaceful and tranquil. Thai people are incredible friendly and happy to bring you into their homes. It’s nice to see Thailand outside of Bangkok.

 Sam (USA) 3/05/08

A wonderful trip that explore the village lives and the local school although bit tired but it’s a worth new experience.

 Lam and Anne (Singapore) 4/01/08

It is interesting seeing the countryside on bike remind me of Singapore a couple of decades ago. Wish they had kept some of the countryside. It’s a nice getaway from the usual sightseeing.

 Caleb (Singapore) 5/01/08

[From the parents of Niccolo].  A tasty fresh coconut. Niccolo [7 years old] was a little shy at the school but liked being there very much.  The places are very interesting and we learned many new things, but the best part is the people, they are so welcoming!  I wish we could speak Thai!  Niccolo liked going to the school because the girls said "I love you!"  it is a lovely way to spend a day in the countryside.  We will be back very soon.  We hope that the beautiful friends and houses and everything stay the same.  This is a unique place completely different from the city where we live.  It is very beautiful.

[From Niccolo’s hand written note, 7 years old]; My favorite part was when we were biking, the wind was in my hair, I was going really fast.

 S, T and Niccolo (7) (New York, USA) 27/06/06

There are no worlds to describe this voyage, you simply must experience it.  If everyone could, the world would be a better place.

JW (America) 24/02/06

An incredible day.  I don’t often gush, but this completely surprised my expectations. I can’t recommend that highly.  Thank you.

LW (England) 21/02/06

Beautiful, peaceful, serene, and real. A day and place to be remembered. Thai hospitality was never ending to make this day so special. Thanks for making this such an informative and memorable experience. You have a great tour here. Keep it just as is! Thank you for sharing the “real” Thailand! Best wishes, peace, happiness, prosperity in the New Year!

 Gail, Bill, Bridget, Nora Hanagen (USA) 5/01/07

What a wonderful day! We met many friendly people. It is so nice to be welcomed by the men, women, and children. I enjoyed seeing the rice fields, flowers and the birds. Thank you to sharing!

 Blake Robuts (Vancouver, Canada) 22/01/07

Love the quiet! Adriana and I really enjoyed the peace and leaning the rural delight of Thailand. The food was great, the guide information and discreet. Thank you very much for a wonderful day out of the “Hustle & Bustle” of Bangkok.

 Adriana and David (UK) 10/01/08

Without a doubt, you have provided to me one of the finest and most memorable experiences of myself. You and all of the people you introduced us to including the wonderful student at Wat Koh school were impressive, charming, friendly and hospitable. Thank you for an absolutely terrific day.

 Ian Clement (Canada) 22/01/07

We have had a great time. It was wonderful to get off the tourist trail and meet the locals very interesting to see how they live. The scenery was very tranquil. Tasting a lot of the local fruits was also good. Our tour guide was a fantastic guide. We will definitely recommend this trip.

 Jacqui & Paul (Sydney) 20/03/08

Very nice tour, we seemed to be way back in time in the quiet countryside.

 Rob (Holland) 3/03/07

We enjoyed this trip very much. It was so nice to leave Bangkok and go into the countryside. We had a lot of fun seeing rural life and stopping at various place. You have been very kind and knowledgeable guides. This tour is a very good idea!

 Brian & Brandon (USA) 4/01/07

Everything about the day was a bit of a surprise for beyond expectation and much more than just a tour.

 James (England) 13/02/07

Awesome trip that get you out of stuff Bangkok and makes you feel what real Thailand is Thanks a lot for this amazing culture experience and for the friendliness of the stuff.

 Pierre (France) 22/02/07

I have really enjoyed the day. The tour guides were excellent guides and showed us many interesting things. It was very peaceful riding along looking at trees, plants, birds, insects, rice field and fish farm. Lunch was lovely and we enjoyed the freshest possible coconut. Thank you very much this is something I will always remember and will recommend it to friends.

 Magaret (Scotland) 18/03/08

Surprise & interesting, we met great people; the children were most pleasant and patient.

 Nicole and Gerald (Canada) 06/02/08

A great change from Bangkok. Amusing dog too!

 Christ (London) 17/02/08

We will recommend this to everybody who wants to see Thai life with lovely people. Thanks to Aey and Piu.

 Wolfie & Andrea (Austria) 3/03/07

We had a fantastic time. The local children were beautiful! The guides are great- made us feel very welcome and comfortable (even though so hot). It was a great last day to our time in Bangkok. We will never forget it! Congratulations and good luck with the business in the future!

 Ben & Bron (Australia) 2/04/07

Thank you for a wonderful trip. This was refreshment from the city of Bangkok. I just love to come in contact with the locals and on this trip it was great!

 Roger(Norway) 7/01/07

We thoroughly enjoyed this day and were very surprised by the friendly reception we received everywhere as rural strangers apart from that the countryside is something to be experienced. Very good day.

 Leny & Fiona (Holland) 16/01/07

Thailand is so much more than Bangkok & Phuket. The countryside with its leave life green rice field’s fresh coconuts, very friendly people made a lasting impression on us!

 Ronald & Songsuk (Holland) 29/01/07

The tour was very interesting to help understanding small village life. It is a cultural tour visiting people places, the small and sights of Thailand. The village of tour guide- 2 tour guides and 3 tourists was very good as they could give information and be very personal. It was an excellence tour overall. I think this tour is unique in Bangkok and could be adventured this way- village cultural tour showing in the area – working all good- lunch was very good – plenty of water – thank you!

 Tom Sibly (USA) 29/01/07

We had as hoped an excellent day. The combination of biking and escape from the city is perfect. The tour itself is a wonderful combination of rice, village visit, communication with people, and talking with the students. The lunch was great. I loved the sweet curry with pineapple. A marvelous day. And of course, very nice tour guides!!

 Richard & Jan Soppe (Holland) 1/02/07

This was a great excursion out from Bangkok. Everything was nice – both guides and the local people that we met. When my friends ask me what to do in Bangkok I will tell them to take a bicycle trip outside Bangkok!

 Stafan & Erato (Sweden & Taiwan) 18/02/07

Thank you very much! It is the best day I ever had in Thailand. Highly recommended tour.

 Chris Eichler (Germany) 13/02/07

Thank you so much unbelievable, awesome!

 Maris 13/02/07

I will never forget this unique day! Kob khun krap.

 Francois Guidon (French) 15/02/07

Thank you very much for a fantastic day escaping Bangkok. The food in particular was excellent! After nearly 1 week in Bangkok this was a great way to end ours stay. Panida, in particular, was a very informative & enthusiastic guide.

 Tris (Australia), 8/1/2009

Thank you so much your hospitality! The kids especially like meeting other children at the school and racing on the roads. I will tell all my friends.

 Philip, Joshua, Caleb, Charity and Abby (USA) 15/02/07

Thank you so much for a wonderful day! Much more than I expected.

 Brandon Bonsib (Costa Rica) 18/02/07

Thank you, it was very interesting. The kids especially were very nice. The hospitality was wonderful and the guides were excellent.

 Esti & Avi (Israel) 19/02/07

Thank you for your hospitality and great food and services. It’s great to come and see your property and the way you live, all the best for your future. PS. The tour guides were fantastic, very friendly and helpful.

 Amanda & Andy (Australia) 20/02/07

It’s fun to discover the countryside together with 2 guides with a great here of lunch. Nice trip.

 Philips (Holland) 28/02/07

A very unique travel explorer, it’s certainly one of the highlights of my trip to Thailand. Thank you very much for the opportunity and for making such wonderful hosts. Best wishes to you.

 Tony (Australia) 28/02/07

We had a wonderful day today. We enjoyed the landscape, the hospitality of the Thai people, the school, a tour on a bike is a real recommended on the guides are very gentle, so top!

 Hilike & Michal (Holland) 28/02/07

Thank you for a fantastic day from beginning to the end. I really loved it cheers!!

 Marion (French) 22/02/07

Very nice trip and nice place to be with the very friendly local people.  It’s the most beautiful day of my holiday.  Bless you.

MH (Holland) 11/05/06

A beautiful day in the countryside, the unknown Thailand.  Kop Khun Krab!!  It exceeded my expectations, very beautiful sightseeing.  I will recommend this to everyone.

A & K (Belgium) 06/06/06

Thank you so much for a wonderful day in the countryside of Thailand. We’ve been waiting to see the real “Thailand,” meet some new people, and experience real Thai culture. We did all of these things and more today! We loved the food, the weather, the bicycling, and of course the wonderful children at the school. Thank you again, we won’t forget how much fun we had and we promise to spread the word in U.S.A!

K, C and K (Chicago, USA) 09/08/06

We have had a fantastic day. It was so much more than we expected particularly the visit to the school. It was a sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. The people were very friendly and very hospitable especially the chief of the village’s family where we had a lovely lunch, the children and teacher at the school. The trip was made more memorable by Piw and Ae and the local Juk [tour guides] who were fantastic and very knowledgeable. Thank you for a wonderful day! We love Thailand!!

A & C (U.K.)17/08/06

What a nice day first the differences and then the peacefulness at the country. Now we’re sitting on the bench to wait for the train (which hopefully comes on time not Thai time.  Thank you guides, you made it the best tour, we ever had.

A & M (Holland)14/08/06

We did this tour because a friend of us recommended it. We have had a wonderful experience. It was a good way to see the real country life in Thailand. The visit to the school was very impressive. Our tour guides were professional, very nice. Thank you for a wonderful day!

L & D (Holland) 04/09/06

This has been the highlight of my holiday and I shall pass this on to any one I meet.

CB (British) 01/03/06

Very good insight into the lives of local people filled with good food clean air and lots of friendly smiles. Thank you all.

SH (Australia) 22/05/06

A special thank you to all of the “smiling” child from the village school and the kind hospitality at lunch, [it’s] nice for the head of the village and his welcome. A very personal tours of rural Thailand - thank you.

DP & GP (Southern On Sea, England) 03/06/06

Great lunch and hospitality in village house. We had a wonderful day, will recommended this trip to friends. We would never have seen these places by ourself (sic).

JH & RH (New Zealand) 16/06/06

A meanderings ride through some of “Aranyaprathet” most beautiful place, our hosts were generous and welcoming. I especially enjoyed watching the catfish, harvest and fishing (and getting to eat them for lunch too). A terrific time. Thank you.

KR (Australia) 06/05/06

Thank you for a great day. We have been all over Thailand and this is one of the best beautiful, peaceful places we’ve had the privilege to experience. I can’t believe it’s so close to Bangkok. Dee Dee Dee Mak Mak!!

HH (Scotland) 08/08/06

What a warm welcome we received. We had a wonderful day and lovely foods…thank you very much.

VB & L (Holland) 30/04/06

Great ride, wonderful to see the locals and how they live and lovely to teach and see the children at the school. A wonderful organization with a small group and great guide and eating.

S (Netherlands) 22/06/06

I’ve had such a great time cycling through Bangkok and the countryside! The guides explained a lot and introduced us to lovely people! It was great fun. Thank you.

SW (Netherlands) 22/06/06

It was a pleasant welcome. I like that the head of the town joined us. The place is very beautiful. Thanks for everything.

MB , T de V, & RB (Netherlands) 30/04/06

It’s a wonderful place, people, food, and everything so interesting. I will be back and recommend everyone.

IV (Mexico) 06/05/06

A wonderful day full of smiles and fun especially the schools visit.

AR (Australia) 22/05/06

Excellent trip [and] wonderful way to experience the real Thailand.

NM (Canada) 14/06/06

I had a very memorable day with my friends and the tour guides today. I would not have been able to experience this if not for this tour. The weather was great, cool and sunny. I had the best tasting “Tumyum Koong” at the village headman’s house. The school kids were so friendly, charming and welcoming. Hopefully I’ll be able to comeback to meet them again. Thanks for the experience!

S (Singapore) 30/06/06

I had a wonderful communion with nature and experienced true Thai hospitality. Well organized and free from city stress, the tour was a nice tonic. Wish Absolute Explorer staff all the best.

B (MI, USA) 30/06/06

The day trip to the village was a very enjoyable one. The food that served was very fresh, much like organic food and it makes food back home tastes artificial. It is also wonderful to see that the young kids in the school are very enthusiastic learn interact with foreigners. I would come back again!!!!

K (Singapore) 30/06/06

I’ve had a great day out in the countryside. All my thanks go to Aey who made such a beautiful day possible. I have enjoyed talking to the kids and experience a heavy rain the most. Love you Aey. Many thanks.

NR (Egypt) 03/07/06

It was a wonderful day today. Thank you for it. The beauty silence and pretty countryside is great!! It was nice to see and eat with the local people. But the greatest experience for us was the school [with] the friendly and nice people children (sic) and the classroom is so different with ours, nice! Thank you for the lovely day.

M (Netherlands) 19/07/06

Dear people? I loved this day. You’ve welcomed us as friends. Thank you for your hospitality your food and the whole experience I had in your village. It felt like home to me!! A big hug to you all.

A & A (Holland) 19/06/06

From the note left by the H family (Scotland):

[M (father)] Relaxing, interesting, informative. New experience , nice trip and edible frogs! Thank you to all the welcoming people we were introduced to.
[C (14 year-old)] It was really fun and interesting. A great experience. Thanks
[A (7 year-old)] Thanks for today, it was great and fun. I had fun on the motorbike.
[F (12 year-old)] We all had a great time, my favorite part was going to see the school kids and making all these friends. Thank you so much
[M (mother)] Enjoyed getting out info the countryside and having people to ask questions of and learned about what we were seeing, eating etc….. A lot great fun warm and friendly.

H Family (Scotland) 20/07/06

It was a very interesting day. All the people were very nice to us. The food was delicious and it was nice to be in the village. Also the school was very nice. It was good to speak to children. We are from Holland and we live in a place near Amsterdam. It was great to see the people in the country and the village. The rice-fields and shrimp farms were special. Thank you.

A & G (Holland) 25/07/06

A very special and wonderful day lies behind us. Cut of the busy city, we found a place full of peace and great open people, [and] it was just fantastic by bicycle. We discovered the beautiful landscapes, were invited by wonderful people, ate a delicious meal and had a lot of fun with all of them. This experience will join us for a long…long time. We will highly recommend this trip. Thanks a lot to “Aey,” “Piw” and “Juk” [tour guides] for the fantastic day, and also the place in the village and the school with their great enthusiastic. Take care and keep going.

M & J (Switzerland) 26/07/06

Thank you very much for a much needed day away from the city. I really enjoyed cycling around the villages, filling my lungs with [fresh] air! I particularly enjoyed spending time with the children at the Sunday school. Wonderful and well behaved enthusiastic kids!

L (England) 30/07/06

It was very nice tour. Just an hour away from Bangkok, we have seen so many things about countryside. Thank you so much.

H & B (France, Korea) 30/07/06

We enjoyed the bicycling through the countryside of Thailand. We also enjoyed the things you told us about the living of the Thai people. It was amazing to visiting your school and meets the little children. Thank you for everything.

C, C, J, H, H, E & H (Holland) 03/08/06

Thank you so very much for a wonderful day in the village. It was great exercise, very informative and interesting. The school was certainly the highlight, the children were enthusiastic and well behaved! The concept of the cycling is terrific and shows us some ways how rural Thai live. Very authentic and original. Best of luck. PS. Enjoyed the home cooking and feeding the frogs!

C & M (Australia) 04/08/06

Sanook mak!! It was so nice to get out of Bangkok and enjoy the countryside. This is a beautiful, peaceful place. We will tell our friends and family about this opportunity. Not so happy about the frog farm.

J & J (Scotland) 08/08/06

After two friends of us recommended us this tour, we booked it!! And it was wonderful!  It was very nice to see the countryside of Bangkok on such a beautiful way! All the people we met were very friendly, our guides are fantastic! Thanks a lot, and hope to see you again.

A & E (Holland) 16/08/06

It was a great experience to visit Bangkok & the neighborhood from a totally different sight. Especially the stay at the [local’s] house for lunch and the visit to the school was really…really fantastic!! We wish you: “Aey” [tour guide]; keep on following your dream, and follow your heart you’ve everything in you to deserve it! “Piw” [tour guide]; lot of success with your English study. And thanks very much for showing us this beautiful village!!

J & J (Holland) 08/09/06

We would like to thank all the lovely people we met on our trip to your village. We wish you well. Thank you so much.

E (Holland) 08/09/06

It has been of the best days ever enjoyed myself so much. Thank you.

EM (British) 21/02/06

This has been a fantastic day, [I] chose to come here to show my friend real “Thailand” and that is just what this place has been an inspiration to both of us everyone is so friendly and I shall recommend to all.

LP (British) 01/03/06

We have been to Thailand six times now and this trip has been the most rewarding and fun, not to mention great exercise. We will tell everybody about our trip.

LS and JS (Australia) 10/03/06

Excellent! Very well organized, friendly, but more important you do interact (if you are willing) and long a different (real?) impression of Thailand with you home.

MS (Sweden) & MFS (Canada) 28/03/06

Thank you for show us the village and bring us to your family. It’s a very nice trip and the people there were very friendly. You really have the opportunity to get to know local people. Thank you very much.

G & A (Germany) 03/05/06

I will recommend this trip, very friendly. Thank you for sharing your life for a day.

MS (USA) 11/05/06

Nice trip very friendly people. Food was good! (Vegetarian).  Thank you for everything.

OJ (Holland) 11/05/06

Thank you for the wonderful break from endless shopping in Bangkok. It feels like a group of good friends cycling around and having fun sharing rather than a paid guided trip. Keep up the spirit “A” and “B” [tour guides], we hope that your agency will do well. The food is really good and thank you for that interesting coconut!

RT & RG (Singapore) 13/05/06

What an experience. Thank you so much for the wonderful day.

CM (Canada) 14/06/06

The best time and experience of my trip to your country. Thank you.

LSC (British Columbia) 14/06/06

Excellent trip wonderful way to experience the real Thailand!

NM (Canada) 14/06/06

This morning at 10 o’clock. We went to the central station to go on a bicycle safari , but it was for us a bit difficult to find our guides at last we find them at McDonalds. But I (Marike) forgot the voucher! It was no problem, so on we went through the “ghetto” of Bangkok, it was a bit showing for us to see the poverty. Then with the train to the locals a beautiful nature with rice fields and friendly people who thought of us as very interesting and “white”. It was a beautiful day. We wouldn’t had seen this kind of nature, if we didn’t choose for this trip. Our compliments to the girls that guide us. Thank you.

M & O (Holland) 25/06/06

(From Email to Absolute Explorer)

Dear B and Aey,

Thank you so much, we had a great day and want to thank you for putting the pictures so quickly online!!! They're very nice !! Tomorrow we will be leaving Thailand with pain in the heart, you surely helped making our Thai experience really an unforgettable one!!!  We already recommended your tour to everyone we met today!!

With a kiss, hope we stay in touch.

S & J (Portugal) 1/10/06



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