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Absolute Explorer
is dedicated to the casual traveler, emphasizing simple, fun and leisurely bicycle trips. A "bicycle safari" is an adventure that you view local people, culture and wildlife at your pace - the traveler.

View past bicycle tours and reviews


To view some recent trip experiences, please click here and select date to view.  In addition to viewing bicycle trip pictures, you may want to browse some of our customer's comments, please click here. We also publish a fun video on YouTube of every trip. For a recent video, please click here.


Children friendly tours


All of our cycle tours are children friendly.  We have had children as young as 7 and they have had a very enjoyable experience.  If they get tired on the tour, do not worry, we have backup transportation for them.  Click here for an example tour where we have hosted children.


Who We Are


Absolute Explorer is licensed by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), our office is based in Bangkok, and we are an independent tour operator with the reputation of fun adventure for travelers who want to visit Bangkok city and Bangkok suburban areas by bicycle. At Absolute Explorer, we know the importance of the human touch as well as customerís satisfaction, therefore, we are able to offer a personal service with friendly hospitality, and at the same time, maintain our high level of professionalism.


Social Responsibility


Absolute Explorer is committed to the well-being of the communities that are our hosts and the natural environment that we are there to experience, therefore, we operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We are obliged to working with our clients and people of our host destination to ensure direct economic benefits at a community level, and to contribute to cultural and environmental conservation with our continual monitoring of our operations for responsible tourism operation.


Global warming is a serious issue to Absolute Explorer.  In order to combat this issue, Absolute Explorer has entered into a program that works in planting trees and other activities to offset the effects of the modest amounts of CO2 that are produced during tour activities such as driving the tour van and electricity to run the computer. We have purchased carbon offsets from The Climate Trust and suggest you visit this link to calculate your personal production of carbon.  Absolute Explorer is 100% "Carbon Neutral".

A tree is planted for every customer


It is our pleasure to announce our new program of planting a tree for every non-Thai that takes an Absolute Explorer bicycle tour. In fact, part of the bicycle tour involves you planting the tree! We started this program on the 15th of March 2008, with Mr. Ian Hollingworth having the distinct pleasure of being the very first participant. Thank you Mr. Hollingworth, for taking this important step to help reduce global warming.



Local students get exposed to the English language


To "give back" to the local communities that we visit on our bicycle tours, we now have a program that involves the local students accompanying us on our bicycle rides. The concept is simple - the more exposure the children receive to outside cultures and languages, the more equipped they are to be better global citizens, and subsequently have a positive affect on their local surroundings and communities.


Contact Information


Tel: +66 (86) 026 6877 or +66 (89) 145 4409 (Outside Thailand)
Tel: 086 026 6877 or 089 145 4409 (Inside Thailand)

Email: Info@AbsoluteExplorer.com


Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) License No. 11/4038


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