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Introduction to the Kingdom of Thailand


Thailand, a country of constitutional monarchy was known for centuries by outsiders as Siam-a country as remote and exotic, it is the most celebrated and fascinating travel destinations with its unique traditions and customs, by far, Thailand has remained one of the top list of mystical and attractive destination to visit in the world.


It first made a real impression on the West at the end of 17th century through the reports of a series of inquisitive Frenchmen. However, they were not the first Europeans to spend time in the kingdom. The Portuguese sent an envoy to the capital in 1511, shortly after they seized Malacca, joining resident Chinese, Japanese, Malays, and Persians to make the Siamese capital one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the vast region now known as Southeast Asia. It is predominantly Buddhist whose ancient equilibrium and present standing mingle in evolving harmony.


Substantially, Thailand’s distinctive and unparalleled characteristics stem from Indian and Chinese influences (harmoniously blended by Thai eclecticism), rich ethnic diversity, abundant natural and human resources, over seven hundred years of cherished independence, and traditional culture delicately tuned to the time-honored Buddhist non-confrontational approach to life, and ideals of charity, tolerance, and loving kindness.


Thailand situated in the center of the Southeast Asia region, Thailand shares borders with four neighboring countries, namely, Myanmar in the Northwest, Laos in the Northeast, Cambodia in the East, and Malaysia in the South. Thailand is the third largest country in Southeast Asia with total area of 513,115 square kilometers (almost 200 thousand square miles), the population is about 65 million, of which 6.5 million live in Bangkok—the capital of Thailand. With 95% of Buddhism and 5% are Muslim. The official language of Thailand is Thai, but English is also popular and is used in most tourist sites, such as tourist destination, hotels, restaurants and stores. The government in Thailand gives adherents the right of complete religious toleration and all the religions are under the protection of Thailand Constitution.


Thailand is blessed with outstanding geological features. In the North, the high mountains give rise to several rivers and streams, the key city of the North is Chiang Mai, a major economical, historical and cultural center. Almost of 70 percent of North area is mountainous, and 30 percent of plain and hill slope. In the Northeast, a high plateau represent of what is known as “I-san,”—the fun loving-attitude people, while an enormous plain covers the central region, and the South is bordered on both sides by seas.


People in the North however, the place where the air is fresh as its surrounding with mountains, makes people are friendly and the dialect is soft sounding and sweet, that is why the growth of tourism is considerable in this region. People in the South are patient, determined and active. Their dialect has a shorter and more abrupt sound than the dialect s of other regions. The southerners who live north of Songkhla are mainly Buddhists, while most of the people who live in the more southern part, especially in the provinces who borders are near Malaysia are Muslim. However, the cultures and traditions of the people of both religions harmonize and they are able to live peacefully together. In the Central Thai society is an extended family system. In the country side people still live in a big family or build the house in the same neighborhood, their live revolve around water, so most of them build their house along the banks of rivers and canals. In the old days, most vehicles were boats. In the Northeastern part, the weather is dry and water sources for agriculture are rare, such physical features give the I-san people specific characteristics—they are patient and generous, and have strong tie to their relatives.


Bangkok is a developed modern city with high-quality hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and many other recreational services. Maybe influenced by the tropical climate, all in all, the Kingdom of Thailand is a very easy-going country which is noted for its friendly and hospitable people. Together with the beautiful sceneries, charming local customs, high-class services and inexpensive spending, Thailand is your must-see destination tour in your Asian holiday.





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